Here you can download source code, binaries and documentation for the latest release. Refer to installation instructions for detailed information on how to install JagPDF.

Prebuilt Binaries

1.4.0 Stable Release

Source Code

1.4.0 Stable Release

File Description Checksum
jagpdf-1.4.0.src.tar.bz2 Source Code md5 
jagpdf-1.4.0.src.apitest.tar.bz2 Tests md5 
jagpdf-1.4.0.src.all.tar.bz2 Source Code and Tests md5 
jagpdf-1.4.0.src.zip Source Code md5 
jagpdf-1.4.0.src.apitest.zip Tests md5 
jagpdf-1.4.0.src.all.zip Source Code and Tests md5 
JagPDF comes with an extensive regression test suite. Its bzipped size is around 6MB; for that reason it is provided as a separate download.

Development Branch

The development branch is mirrored on GitHub. GitHub provides an online source code browser and also allows to download a tarball with the current snapshot.

To clone the branch, do:
  git clone git://github.com/jgresula/jagpdf.git


JagPDF Handbook for offline browsing.

File Format Checksum
jagpdf-1.4.0.doc.tar.bz2 HTML md5