PDF Generation Library

JagPDF is a free, open source library for generating PDF documents.

The goal of this project is to provide a fast and reliable library that is usable in both server and desktop environments. The library is written in C++ and provides bindings for other languages. It runs on x86/Linux, amd64/Linux and x86/Windows platforms.

JagPDF aims to be easy to use, have a look at Hello World examples in C++, Python, Java or C. The library implements a fairly large subset of the PDF specification which enables creation of a broad range of document types.

The library is distributed under the MIT license which encourages both commercial and non-commercial usage.


The current version is 1.4.0 (7 October 2009). See history for details.


The online JagPDF Handbook includes installation instructions, a user's manual, and a reference.


Source code, prebuilt binaries, and the offline documentation can be obtained in the downloads section.


The library is currently unmaintained.


Click the thumbnails to see PDF files. More samples ...

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Vectorized Tux Invoice Text Spiral JagPDF at GitHub